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Magic Wand Original

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Magic Wand Original


The Best For Over 30 Years!

Known as the Cadillac of Vibrators, the Hitachi Magic wand is a pleasure tool of legendary proportions. Try the soft, rounded head on your aching muscles or lower the lights and experience more intimate pleasures - the Magic Wand never fails to satisfy! Recommended by sex therapists for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm. Can be placed between 2 people for simultaneous stimulation.

How to Use Your Hitachi

This powerful electric wand has had a loyal following for over 30 years for good reason. High and low speeds deliver strong vibrations through the tennis ball shaped head. A slightly flexible neck allows the ball to be used in strategic spots. Take advantage of the female anatomy and place the vibrating head between the thighs but not touching the vulva area. This will stimulate the clitoral "legs" that run along on the inner thighs up to the clitoris for tantalizing foreplay.

It can also be used by two people for the best in massage and orgasmic play by sandwiching the wand between two bodies. Male stimulation can be achieved by placing the vibrating head between the penis and testicles or testicles and anus.

Voted "Best Non-insertible Vibrator" by major mainstream magazines.

**Mentioned in Cosmopolitan Magazine as a "Sex Toy to know about for Mind-Blowing Orgasms."

  • Two powerful speeds
  • 110 - 120V, plug-in
  • Spongy spherical head: 100% FDA approved food-grade Vinyl
  • Flexible neck
  • Non phallic appearance

What are the experts saying?

"Hitachi Magic Wand, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways...There really aren't many "classic" toys still on the market, but there's a reason women are still clamoring for the Hitachi Magic Wand. It's reliable. Even using the wand over clothes on the lowest setting can still produce some mind-blowing orgasms. The Magic Wand plugs into any outlet, and the various speeds are gained via a lever control on the handle. The neck is just flexible enough to really get the head of the piece in place. And the wide head covers plenty of skin and delivers powerful vibrations without stopping. We love the Hitachi Magic Wand. Sometimes you just can't beat the classics." AVN Magazine

Due to electric supplies, the Hitachi Magic Wand cannot be shipped outside of the United States. Model HV-260

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Product Details

  • Made By: Vibratex
  • Product Dimensions:
  • Total Length: 12.50 in.
  • WidthMaximum: 2.50 in.
  • Box Dimensions:
  • Length: 14.00 in.
  • Width: 3.00 in.
  • Depth:2.50 in.
  • Weight: 1.5500 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Code: HV-260

Magic Wand Original $72.93
Magic Wand Original $72.93
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